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Java in Android

I figured I should start trying to put together my own resource of Java to help me rember the syntax as this is quite a bit diffrent to PHP.

It’s not that i don’t think there are fantastic resource out ther already but as ever i find it easier to write it down myself.

2nd Nov 2014 16:36:07 Mobile by Kerry Owston

Extra Credit 1

So I have successfully completed section 1 of the build an Android app and I'm happy to say that I get it! There is some extra credit that seems optional so I'm going to have a go at that and see how far I get as I'm a firm believer in learning by doing and figuring out things for myself! Here's what I have to do.

No code needed! See if you can create a new project and add an image to the layout XML file using an ImageView. Then add an EditText field below the image that lets you type in a caption.

2nd Nov 2014 13:59:39 Mobile by Kerry Owston

So I

Well I’ve created an android style banner so, guess I’m committed now.

I’m taking the Team Tree House course in Android development, so far it’s pretty good and while i’m only in the initial two week free trial I see no reason not to continue after this period end.  

First stop of course is learning the process of building Apps for Android, as I learn this I will also learn Java. This first post is all about the building blocks of an App, this is me demystifying the process for myself.

18th Oct 2014 19:29:27 Mobile by Kerry Owston

Choosing an Android SDK

I mentioned in a previouse post that I wasn’t quite comfortable with understanding how the Android SDK selection works so I’m taking some time now to revisit this and see if I can get a better a better grasp.

15th Oct 2014 12:04:24 Mobile by Kerry Owston