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Phone Gap Essentials

Phone Gap Build is a service that uses familiar front end languages like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build mobile apps. I have been exploring the process of creating an App Using Phone Gap Build. I’ve been promising myself I will build an app so I will be giving this method a try to see what I can achive.

10th Nov 2015 21:26:20 Progress & Learning, Javascript by Kerry Owston

PHP Mailer

After completeing the PHP email task – sort of, I never did figure out attachments – the next stage is using PHP Mailer.

PHP is a library for sending email and is widely used as using standard PHP mail() can be an over complecated minefield when anything more advanced is required. Even just sending an image requires additional headers.

It’s better to use one of the librarys already available and not try to reinvent the wheel.

11th May 2015 10:16:02 Progress & Learning, PHP by Kerry Owston

php email

Task of the day today is Email, I will be looking at how standard email is sent throught PHP and how html email can be sent too.

The basis of this is the mail() function so I will be looking at what parameters are required to make this work.

I will later be looking at how email is used in the SMVCF but this task is initialy to familiarise myself with sending email using raw php.

5th May 2015 16:25:54 Progress & Learning, PHP by Kerry Owston

Working with Sessions

Todays task is to look more closely into sessions and to understand what they do and how to work with them.

30th Apr 2015 9:59:01 Progress & Learning, PHP by Kerry Owston

Working With Files in PHP

My Day 3 task is all about working with files in PHP.

I’m going to have to find at least 2 methods of reading, writting to and creating files in PHP and describe the proccess of this.

David couldn’t help his helpful self and hinted that tizag would be a good place to start my research.

28th Apr 2015 9:47:39 Progress & Learning, PHP by Kerry Owston

Super Global Server

Todays task set by David Carr has been to look at the Super Global Server function, I am to learn more about this function and experiment with what can be done using this function.

I will put it into practice with my own thing.

It’s so awesome having a mentor like David Carr.

27th Apr 2015 14:36:47 Progress & Learning, PHP by Kerry Owston

CORE PHP Preg_replace_callback

Today I’m looking at Preg_replace_callback and what I can do with this function. Firstly I will explain what it is and then I will demonstrate how it can be used.

I will then try to make use of this function in SMVCF V 2.1 or use with run PHP

24th Apr 2015 20:35:37 Progress & Learning, PHP by Kerry Owston