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GIT Continued 3

Continuing with learning GIT, already seeing real potentional in this tool

Upgraded my GIT Hub account to organisation, with private repositories (well I convinced David too and add me as a member) as I can see how useful this is going to be when it comes to keeping up to date with inhouse CRM CMS.


10th Apr 2015 11:16:49 Workflow, Tools etc by Kerry Owston

GIT Continued 2

I’m continuing to to learn how to use GIT a bit by bit

I’ll be discussing the flow of what happpens when I use GIT in a project and not wizzing throught the guide I’m following as I want to understand the tasks and that’s why I’m writing about what I’m learning.

As ever this is my proggress and not indented to be used as a guide, if you want to learn more follow the Code School guide.

9th Apr 2015 8:35:42 Workflow, Tools etc by Kerry Owston

Getting started with GIT

It’s been an interesting morning, in preperation to becoming a proud order of a Mac Book Pro I’ve been learning some of the thngs I’ve always put off and one of those things is GIT.

Now I know that using GIT is not dependent on working on a Mac but with so many turorials and course seeming to be focused around the OS it seems that that it’s one more barrier to getting started.

8th Apr 2015 8:52:40 Workflow, Tools etc by Kerry Owston