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How I got started in PHP

8th Jun 2015 22:19:35 PHP by Kerry Owston

php elephants

PHP has been around for 20 years today. This is my story of how I got started to add to the many that are being shared worldwide to celebrate today.

It was a rocky start for me. The early days, circa 2004, leave me with an overwhelming memory of frustration and a sense that there was a missing link when it came to getting started for those that were not come from a computer science background. I remember a workshop on my the Web Design course I took that very very briefly covered PHP. I was very inspired and promptly purchased several books mistakenly believing I could just practice locally like with HTML. This was not the case and it was the process of setting up a working environment that was my downfall. My requests for help were at best dismissed and sadly at worst mocked.

To me PHP was a means to an end, it wasn’t a love of programming that drove me but a desire to create something. So if it felt then the missing link to my understanding was  a lack of appropriate resources then the missing link for my projects to feel complete was the ability have my content dynamically driven.

Being a flaky creative type I quickly found other pursuits and took a long break from web development but with much thanks to my boyfriend and best friend David Carr a PHP web developer I’m now back learning PHP and thankfully able to make use of an abundance of resources the community has created while I look forward to an exciting career in Web Development.