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Project Reborn

31st Aug 2015 20:37:12 Projects by Kerry Owston

My Novel Board Project Reborn

I have once again picked up the project my novel board with a more streamlined plan

My Novel Board is an application that will be available on desktop and mobile to aid fiction writers with the outlining of their projects

It intends to solve 2 problems that some writers encounter during the process of writing

  1. motivation
  2. getting lost and sidetracked when writing the story

This is a niche story building product that will appeal to writers who prefare to outline their work before they begin writing. 

This week (forgive me it’s a bank holiday monday and feels like a sunday) I have achived:

  • The right attitude!
  • A social media plan
  • Had logo redrawn
  • Contacted an illustrater and started the process of getting my work
  • Built a base template from a theme  although as good as the theme is i won’t be keepoing
  • Some of the structure of the core componants in place.

Next week (again bare with me with the bank holiday thing)

  • Develop /replace social graphics
  • Fully working prototype
    This will allow a user to create a novel, edit and delete it, add a character, a setting and a plot, then edit these and delete them.
  • Get a buffer schedual in place
  • look into instagram and snapchat as social media outlets