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Teresa Hatton Cake Designer

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Peace of Mind Security

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Hull Broadband

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Want a Photographer

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Wide Loads Escort

view Jollof House

Jollof House

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who am I?

My name is Kerry Owston, I am a Spatial Design graduate and a freelance website designer. Design is my passion; I love to create fresh and attractive layouts for websites while still considering accessibility and Search Engine Optemisation.

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I am currently aspiring for an employment opportunity within a Yorkshire based web design studio or to take on freelance projects. I am able to provide a range of skills including concept design, content creation, CSS, XHTML & itergration with PHP, I also have knowledge of responsive mobile web design.

If you would like to find out more about me then you can download my CV here.

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To get in touch:

email: Kerry [at]
Tel: 07856652949
You may also view my profiles at:

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Family Photo Blog

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Harmony & Habitat

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Bad Apple Mail

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Fandom Land

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Kooky Sims

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Animal Trust

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