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object buffering

Object buffering is a function used in PHP that is useful to capture scripts that would by default print to the screen this can be stored as a string and returned at a later time.

This could be an echo statement or a print_r()

8th Feb 2015 20:58:31 SMVCF by Kerry Owston


I wanted to know what an API was in more detail. I know API is an abbreviation of Applicaton Program Interface and I know they allow web sites to share information with other websites. For instance if I am playing a game an API for Facebook would allow me to post achivements in that game to facebook or invite my facebook freinds to the game.

What I didn’t really understand was how this happened. Having not been involved in the proccess of integrating an API’s in projects I’ve worked on I’ve not really had the chance to visualise this process the way I needed to.


6th Feb 2015 8:41:51 PHP by Kerry Owston

Working with Databases and HeidiSQL

System – Any

Not spell checked yet JSYK

I’ve been using Heidi SQL for a while now but no where near to it’s full potential. Perhaps directly editing data or checking what a specific ID is etc. I choose this as it seemed to be one of the best available.

Here are a few of the basic level things that can be done with databases and when using this program.

5th Feb 2015 9:39:28 Database by Kerry Owston

Anatomy of  plugin

System - Procedural Inhouse CMS

Not spell checked yet JSYK

The components required to build a plugin for the procedural version of the In House CMS, this guide is a reminder of the order of steps that need to be taken and not really to be a guide for anyone else other than myself.

I’m told it’s very wordpress like but TBH I wouldn’t know.

2nd Feb 2015 12:59:53 PHP by Kerry Owston

Code Challenge - Customization of background


Still needs grammer spell checking JSYK

For a project I’m working on I need to make a plugin for a clickable background as part of the existing CMS I’m using.

The background should show two diffrent images on either side of the main content and be able to link to 2 diffrent locations.

The user should be able to alter the images displayed using a plugin.

Here goes...

29th Jan 2015 12:08:57 PHP by Kerry Owston

Editing Wordpress Theme options

Premium Wordpress themes usualy have built in options for the theme. Now that I am using Wordpress CMS for website builds on those occasions when I use premium themes I will need to understand how to edit them so I can make adapt to suit me.

It seems the best way to go about this is to learn how to build a theme that has theme options built in then I will understand better what I am working with.

Wordpress Ah, well it was only a matter of time wasn’t it!.

29th Jan 2015 11:37:28 by Kerry Owston

View setup for various input types in forms

Pre version 1 form handeling and form input types in the view. This post details how to make use of the diffrent types of form input types and how and why they work.

Adding and editing only

Part of the complete anatomy of setting up forms series for both versions

7th Nov 2014 11:25:07 PHP by Kerry Owston

Java in Android

I figured I should start trying to put together my own resource of Java to help me rember the syntax as this is quite a bit diffrent to PHP.

It’s not that i don’t think there are fantastic resource out ther already but as ever i find it easier to write it down myself.

2nd Nov 2014 16:36:07 Mobile by Kerry Owston

Extra Credit 1

So I have successfully completed section 1 of the build an Android app and I'm happy to say that I get it! There is some extra credit that seems optional so I'm going to have a go at that and see how far I get as I'm a firm believer in learning by doing and figuring out things for myself! Here's what I have to do.

No code needed! See if you can create a new project and add an image to the layout XML file using an ImageView. Then add an EditText field below the image that lets you type in a caption.

2nd Nov 2014 13:59:39 Mobile by Kerry Owston

So I

Well I’ve created an android style banner so, guess I’m committed now.

I’m taking the Team Tree House course in Android development, so far it’s pretty good and while i’m only in the initial two week free trial I see no reason not to continue after this period end.  

First stop of course is learning the process of building Apps for Android, as I learn this I will also learn Java. This first post is all about the building blocks of an App, this is me demystifying the process for myself.

18th Oct 2014 19:29:27 Mobile by Kerry Owston